Terms and conditions of use

1) Subject Info: These Terms are for the purchase of products and services, carried out remotely via computer network, by loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) as property of Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd (from now Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.)), with registered office at C / da Centra73055 Racale (Le), VAT. 03870310756 - C.C.I.A.A - R.E.A. 80682 is the owner of the site http://www.loftladders-shop.co.uk Every purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of Decree no. 185/99 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, it will be submitted to the rules set out in Law no. 675/96 as amended.

2) Acceptance of the general conditions of sale info: The conditions of sale between Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) and the Customer shall be concluded with the acceptance of the order by Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) . Such acceptance is considered tacit. Placing an order in the manner provided, you represent that you have read all information provided to him during the purchase procedure and accept the general conditions and payment below. If the customer is a consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his profession), once the purchase procedure, will print or save an electronic copy but keep these general conditions of sale , in compliance with the requirements of Art. 3 and 4 of Decree No. 185/1999 on distance selling and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, will be submitted to the rules set out in Law no. 675/96 as amended. It excludes any right of the Customer to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or property, caused by the rejection, even partial, of an order.

3) Prices Info: All prices on Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) shall be construed prices to the public and, therefore, inclusive of VAT. If the client registers with the shipping address for a country of the European community in the automatic program visualizzere prices VAT-free but the customer will be exempt from VAT only if at the time of registration indicating the ISO code (company code) or else the customer and 'required to pay the price + VAT. loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd) reserves the right to change prices at any time, without notice.

4) How to purchase Info: The customer can only purchase products in the loft ladder-shop (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.) at the time the order as described in the relevant information sheets. It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of a product can not be fully representative of its features but differ in color, size, and accessories in the picture. All support information for purchase are intended as mere material for general information, not due to real characteristics of a single product. The correct order is confirmed by loftladders-shop (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.) through an e-mail, sent to the email address supplied by the customer. This confirmation message will report a 'Order Number', to be used in any further communication with loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.). The message will include all data entered by the customer who agrees to verify the correctness and to communicate any corrections, as described in this document. In the case of non-acceptance, loftladders-shop (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.) ensure timely notification to the customer. For any complaints please contact us via e-mail to info@loftladders-shop.co.uk, telephone 0833 552991 or e-mail by writing to loftladders-shop (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.) C / da Centra73055 Racale (Le). Since the simultaneous access of many users-clients and the simultaneous possibility of "on-line orders" alter product availability, loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl) does not guarantee the certainty of allocation of merchandise ..

5) right of withdrawal Info: Under Article. 5 DL 185/1999, if the customer is a consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does the purchase by indicating in the order form in Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) a reference to VAT), is entitled to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation and without penalty, except as described in the following point. To exercise this right, the customer must send a Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) a notice to that effect within 10 working days from the date of receipt of goods. Such notice shall be sent by registered letter with return receipt addressed to Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) C / from Centra 73055 Racale (Le) or by telegram or fax sent within the said period of 10 days and followed by confirmation by registered letter with return receipt to be sent within the next 48 hours. Once such notice of withdrawal, the Customer Service loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl) will quickly inform the customer instructions on how to return the goods that must arrive at loftladders-shop.co.uk ( Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) within 10 days from the authorization. The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions: The law applies to product purchased in its entirety; it can be exercised only on the withdrawal of the product (ex .: accessories, software, attachments, etc. ...); The products must be returned intact and in original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories: manuals, cables, etc ...); to limit damage to the original package, we recommend, when possible, to put in a second box, showing the number of RMA (return authorization code); It should be avoided in all cases the attachment of labels or tape directly on the packaging of the product; according to law, the shipping costs for return of the asset are charged to the customer; The shipment, until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse is under the responsibility of the customer; if the goods are damaged during transport, loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.) will inform the customer (within 5 working days from receipt of the goods in their stores), to enable him to file a timely complaint against the carrier of his choice and to obtain reimbursement of the value of the property (if insured); in this case the product will be made available to the customer for its return, while canceling the request for withdrawal; Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd) does not respond in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments; on his arrival in stock, the product will be examined to assess any damages not caused by transport. If the package and / or the original packaging are damaged, Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd) will subtract from the refund due to a percentage, but no more than 10% of it, towards the cost of restoration. Without prejudice to any repair costs for damage to the original, loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd) will reimburse the customer the amount already paid as quickly as possible and within 30 days of the request for withdrawal , by transfer of the amount charged to your credit card or by bank transfer. In the latter case, the Buyer shall promptly provide to the bank on which to obtain reimbursement (Cod. ABI - CAB - Current Account of the invoice). The right of withdrawal is lost for lack of the essential integrity of the property (the packaging and / or its contents), in cases where Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello ponteggi srl) finds: the lack of the outer and / or of ' original inner packaging; the absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, cables, manuals, parts, etc.); the product is damaged for causes other than its transport. In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd) will return to sender the property purchased by charging the same shipping costs. The guarantee "Satisfied or Reimbursed" present in more parts in our sales pages is believed to be applicable in accordance with the procedures set out by the above points.

6) Warranty Information: All products sold by Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd) are covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty and 24-month warranty for defects of conformity, according to DL 24/02. The manufacturer's standard warranty is provided as explained in the documentation inside the product packaging. If, following inspection by an Authorized Service Center, the defect is not covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty, the customer will be charged for any costs of verification and recovery required from authorized, as well as transportation costs, if supported by loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.). The guarantee of 24 months according to DL 24/02 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product is used correctly, respecting its intended use and as provided in the technical documentation. This warranty is for private consumption (a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or making a purchase order form without indicating a reference to VAT). In case of lack of conformity, loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl) provides, without cost to the customer, the restoration of conformity by repair / replacement or reduction of price, until the termination of the contract. If, following inspection by an Authorized Service Center, the defect should not be a lack of conformity pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/02, the customer will be charged for any costs of verification and recovery required from authorized, as well as transportation costs if incurred by loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.). The replacements in case (Dead On Arrival: product not working on delivery) takes place only if expressly provided by the manufacturer. The timing of replacement or repair of any product depends solely on the manufacturer's policies. In the event that, for whatever reason, is unable to make its customers a product warranty (repaired or replaced), loftladders-shop (Piscopiello ponteggi srl) will proceed at its own discretion to refund the amount paid or its replacement with a product of equal or superior characteristics. No damage can be obtained from loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) for any delays in repairs or replacements. In cases where the application of safeguards providing for the return of the product, the product must be returned by the customer (at his expense) in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories: manuals, cables , etc...); to limit damage to the original package, we recommend, when possible, to put in a second box; It should be avoided in all cases the attachment of labels or tape directly on the packaging of the product.

7) Privacy Information: The personal information requested under the order are collected and processed to meet the expressed requirements of Customer and will not under any circumstances and no license to third parties. loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello ponteggi srl.) guarantees its customers the respect of rules relating to the personal data covered by the Privacy Code under LD 196, 30.06.03. Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) periodically sends advertising emails only to customers who have given their consent during registration by ticking the "Newsletter". PRIVACY OF PERSONAL DATA IN ACCORDANCE WITH LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. 196/2003 We inform you, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196 (Code regarding the protection of personal data), which loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) as property of Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd, will process the personal data you provide in accordance with the rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of persons, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity as well, however, in compliance with the legislation on protection of personal data. The provision of data is optional, but a refusal to provide those indicated by an asterisk determines the inability to access the services we offer. The personal information you provide is collected and managed by Information Technology and treated, even with the aid of electronic or automated, directly and / or through third parties delegates (companies with proven reliability, specializing in home delivery, the mailing and data entry) for the following purposes: 1.finalità the execution, management and payment of the purchase; 2.iniziative sending advertising and promotional material, including through the use of electronic mail if the customer has given consent by ticking in the registration phase, the relatica "Newsletter" box; 3.adempimento of obligations under applicable laws, regulations and legislation. In any case, your data will not be disclosed (if not a company for home delivery, for mailing and data entry), disseminated or sold to third parties. The data may be known as managers or agents only by specifically designated, operating at the loftladders-shop.co.uk Offices (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.). Under Article. 7 of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196, you have the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning him or her, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form and information on: - the origin of personal data; - The purposes and methods of treatment; - The logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic instruments; - The identity of the owner and managers; - The recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or agents. You also have the right to obtain: 1. updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data; 2. the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; 3. certification that the operations referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 have been notified, also as regards their content, to those to whom the data were communicated or distributed, except in the case where compliance with this It proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate to the protected right. She finally has the right to object, in whole or in part: 1. for legitimate reasons the processing of personal data concerning him, pertinent to the purpose of collection; 2. processing of data relating to him for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

8) Mode of Payment Info: 1) Pay-Pal: a world leader in online payments, enables buyers and businesses to send and receive payments online. PayPal has over 100 million accounts in 190 countries and territories. It's accepted by merchants worldwide. It's safe? PayPal helps protect information on your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant. Why use PayPal? With PayPal, you can make purchases and send payments for free. With PayPal, you can easily make purchases and payments by saving your information. PayPal is accepted by millions of businesses around the mondo.www.paypal.com 2) Credit Card You can 'make payment by credit card or bamcomat choosing the type of payment Credit Card PayPal-although not' registered, after confirming the order will open the pay-pal payment page where you make payment with your credit card with the maximum safety. With this mode you can pay with the following credit cards Visa, Visa Electronics, Master Cards, Carta Aura, American Expres, Poste Pay. 3) Bank Transfer: At the time of the order confirmation you will receive an email confirmation with all the data in order to make the delivery bonifico.La will be done soon as we receive a credit on our. D.C. to shorten the time you can send us the receipt by fax to +039 08331972056) Reload Post-Pay (only Italy): At the time of the order confirmation will be communicated to all the data in order to make the payment, being a real-time crediting the shipping will be 'carried out on the same day of payment if this takes place before 10.00 am 5) COD (cash on delivery only Italian): Scala Retrattile.it (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) offers its customers also in the payment for contrassegnosolo products that do not exceed the cost of transport of € 49.99 and the total amount of the order of € 900.00, you can calculate the shipping cost by simply inserting the product in the basket and add 2% to the cost of the product as a mark expenses . (For all customers who choose this method of payment and obligatory a landline telephone number) 6) Withdrawal within: loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) offers the possibility to pick up the merchandise directly at the headquarters located in Contrada Centra snc 73055 Racale (LE). The customer will have the opportunity, during the confirmation order, select shipping method as "retreat when" and choose to pay directly to the collection of the goods (in cash) or credit card. loftladders-shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) the reserves to request early payment by the accepted payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, charge transfer). An email will notify the customer that the ordered goods are ready for collection and convenient schedules for the same. It is not possible to withdraw goods without first confirmed the order on the site loft ladders shop.co.uk (Piscopiello Scaffolding Ltd.) or without first receiving confirmation of goods ready for collection.