Stairs retractable answers to your questions

All questions on the stairs and the answers you need for easy and serene purchase

 can not find my ceiling hole how can I do?

2  What is meant by Measure C?

3  What is special retractable ladder?

4  Can I pay the retractable ladder on delivery?

5  How much is the transport?

6  What are the consesca times?

7  The retractable ladders are for each environment?

8   The stairs are retractable or retractable 

installed in production environments?

9  You can change the length of a scale 

Retractable scissor?

10  The attic stairs and can instarlarle in 


11  The ceiling attic stairs can be adapted 

at different heights?

12   What is the minimum size of a hole 

trapdoor in order to submit a scale

13  can be walled up the ladder in the slab or 


14  At what stage in the Restructuring a house 

You can install a retractable ladder?

15  What should the hatch hole insert 

parcel scale?

16  You can install a retractable ladder 

Retractable with upper slab at 28 cm?


 Here are answers to your questions

1 If you do not find the trapdoor hole suitable to your needs, please contact us by e-mail to specifying C height hatch hole (Ceiling Floor) slab thickness and the area model.

2 The measure C and the extent to lead between floor and ceiling or attic expressed in centimeters or only in the case of scaleretrattili vertical wall and height floor-side bottom hatch.

3 The special retractable ladder and a retractable staircase non-standard or out so special measure, it intended that produced will then measure the time is from 15 to 21 working days.

4 You can pay the attic stairs to the delivery, provided that no special standard and custom made ​​and not exceeding € 550.00 remain valid alternative to other forms of payment: Bank transfer or anticipated post, credit card or Paypal, Recharge your Postepay.

5 To know the shipping costs just click on the yellow button add to cart and will appear the transportation costs of the attic stairs, the costs shown are valid throughout Italy including islands.

6 The delivery times for folding stairs like sweden and Aci Aci aci aluminum three- and four aci with hole and standard ceiling dimension (ie those listed on the site) The times ranging from 2 to 4 days while for all special measures or motorized ladders or folding stairs to the terrace the times are getting longer up to 2 or 3 weeks  

7  Yes, but only for residential civil use.

8  No. Except ACI TRE model and used as well as the Civil also all 'ccess technical personnel compartments machines lifts for maintenance of appropriate controls environments or structures.

9  We strongly discourage any initiative; It can lead to unpleasant and especially hazardous incidents.

10  No.Le attic stairs are for internal use and may land inwards same for normal stairs and outward to the terrace stairs.

11  Yes, but for higher heights in meters. 3 must orient themselves on models folding elements 3 or 4 pieces type aci aci three or four.

12  The minimum measures of a hole should be of 70 cm in length and 50 cm in width.

13   No, the retractable attic stairs are absolutely in no case to be mounted to the slab but to be fixed with the brackets "L" included in the package.

14   Only after laying the floor and finished ceiling.

15   It must be clearly in miter, possibly in the measures listed for each single item, that is at the bottom by any outer walls of at least cm 3. While in the upper part of arrival the two sides in length must be away from the outer walls of at least 12 cm .

16  Yes, you can clearly has a cost increase for this please contact us. The problem can be solved by building a reinforcement to the threaded rods to fix the retractable staircase and, if necessary, intermediate steps to facilitate as far as the landing in the attic or attic.

 If you do not find the answer to your questions please contact us at